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Top Summer Eyeshadow Looks


“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August,” Jenny Han.

We all need a little magic, and this summer’s eyeshadow looks definitely conjure up magical feelings. If you love rainbows and unicorns, you’ll love this season’s summer eyeshadow trends. This year, we have truly thrown out the rules. Our society has gone a little topsy-turvy, and we have rebuked every norm. This season’s eyeshadow looks are aligning with that rule-breaking sentiment, but in a fun way to help ease our spirits and set-a-fire our creativity.

The Mismatched Eyeshadow Look

mismatched eyeshadow lookmismatched eyeshadow lookmismatched eyeshadow look

The mismatched eyeshadow look is this summer’s signature style for gals that just want to have a little fun. It definitely draws inspiration from the colorful, rainbow eyeshadow looks we saw a few months back, but it throws the rules out of the window. With the mismatched eyeshadow look, we aren’t concerned with making the eyes symmetrical. You can cover your left eyelid with pink eyeshadow, and cover the right with blue eyeshadow. It’s up to you. The trick with this eyeshadow look is to ensure 1) your two eyeshadow colors compliment each other- like pink and blue, or yellow and green, and 2) your application over each eye is identical. 

To get the look, you need colorful eyeshadows like shades found in The Warrior 3 palette. No muted tones here. The mismatched eyeshadow look is great with soft or bright, playful colors like the pink eyeshadow shades found in The Nubian Coral 3 palette. 

The Sunrise/Sunset Eyeshadow Look

Summer Eyeshadow look on dark skin

This look draws inspiration from the vivid pinks, oranges, and blues apparent at sunrise and sunset hours. And just like the name, this look is perfect for both day and night. To get this eyeshadow look, we want to build a transition from the light (under your eyebrow line) to more vivid at your eyelid. Select colors that complement each other and are apparent during those beautiful times of day- orange and pink, blues and yellows, or pink and purple. Fiery orange eyeshadows, that almost look red, are a trending color this summer, and perfect for your sunrise/sunset look.

The Summer Frost Eyeshadow Look

Summer and frost are two juxtaposed nouns, but the look follows the rules of this summer - it doesn’t follow the rules. The summer frost look is perfect for those who prefer to wear darker colors in the summer whether for day or night, or who just want to add some drama to a lighter color wardrobe. To get this look, cover your eyelid with a shimmery gray or silver. 

The All That Glitters Eyeshadow Look

summer eyeshadow look

For more shimmer and shine, switch the silver for a gold shimmer lid. Pile the gold shimmer on close to the inside of the eye and tap it gently creating a fade out effect as you exit the lid toward the eyebrow. This creates a transition look without the need to layer in multiple colors. It’s also subtle enough to allow you to flaunt your gold day or night. 

The Bright Eyelash Look

Again, we are breaking the rules, but this time we are focused on the lashes rather than the lids. Brighten and highlight those gorgeous lashes with fun mascara colors like electric blue or passion pinks. This look is all about having fun, and it reduces the need for shadow. The focus goes directly to the lashes and into the center of your eye. Perfect for a quick summer makeup look. 

The Summer Purple Eyeshadow Look

mismatched eyeshadow look

Summer is all about purple, and Juvia’s Place has the perfect purple eyeshadow palette for you in The Violets. The Violets features light to dark, and shimmering purple shades.  Purple eyeshadow is perfect for day and drama! Center the drama on the lid and fade up gently to the eyebrow. Purple eyeshadow compliments just about every wardrobe color except red clothing.