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Tips on How to Apply Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick is an essential in any makeup lover’s makeup collection. It defines and enhances the lips, as well as lifting the spirit with a variety of fun colors. A nude lipstick is the anchor in a smokey eye look, while a bold red lip is the star of the show in a classic, vintage glam one. It doesn’t really feel like a completed makeup look if there isn’t a sweep of tint on the lips. 

Within this much-loved world of lipsticks, there is liquid lipstick. In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into what exactly liquid lipstick is, how choosing the right formula is crucial, what tools can help give you the perfect pout, and tips on how to apply. 



What is Liquid Lipstick?

Liquid lipstick is like the perfect marriage between a tube lipstick and a lip gloss. Packaged in a lip-gloss-like tube, with a wand applicator, liquid lipstick gives you even more pigment, coverage, and staying power than tube lipstick, but with the glossy finish of a lip gloss. You can also choose a liquid lipstick with a different finish, such as matte or satin. 

The Right Formula of Liquid Lipstick is Important

Choosing the right formula of liquid lipstick is paramount. The wrong one can leave your lips feeling dry, cracked, and flaky. Instead, you want one with built-in hydration that will go on smoothly and keep your lips feeling like your lips, only better. Our new Velvety Matte Liquid Lipstick goes on even and smooth, has a rich matte finish, and comes in beautiful Red Velvet and Scarlet hues. 

Complements to Liquid Lipstick

Just as important as a great liquid lipstick are the things that help take any liquid lipstick look to the next level. Before you even apply lipstick, you want to make sure your lips are a prepped canvas. A good lip scrub will remove any dead skin on your lips prior to the application of lipstick. Your lips should also be hydrated, so that you don’t see cracks and flakes on the skin under the lipstick. We recommend our moisturizing Nubian Lip Glow Balm, as well as our Nourishing Lip Balm which contains replenishing baobab, jojoba, and manketti butters. 

While our liquid lipsticks are fabulous on their own, you may want to opt for a perfect frame. This means an equally-great lip liner. It will define your lips, create any illusions like making your lips look bigger or smaller, and contain your lipstick. Our The Reds and Berries Luxe Lip Liner goes perfectly with our liquid lipstick, and our other Luxe Liners will perfectly compliment other lipstick hues. 


Tips on Applying Liquid Lipstick

Now that we know about liquid lipstick and it’s great beauty sidekicks, it’s time to learn some tips on getting a perfect, even liquid lipstick application. 

  • Once you’ve lined your lips, you’ll want to apply your liquid lipstick, starting at the center of the lips and working outward. 
  • You’ll want to start small, by applying thin layers (but not too many, about one or two). This will ensure the color is even and not streaky or patchy. Let each layer dry before you add another one.
  • Remember, liquid lipstick isn’t the same as lipstick in a tube. So, while you would normally press your lips together to blend lipstick, you don’t want to do this while wearing liquid lipstick. Doing so could cause streaks and patches to develop.  
  • Liquid lipstick is meant to last, so you’ll also want tips on how to remove it without stressing out your lips. Things like coconut or olive oil, an oil-based makeup remover/micellar water with cotton pads; or makeup removing wipes can get liquid lipstick off gently. There are also beauty products on the market specifically designed to remove lipstick from the lips.