The Best Green Eyeshadow Look


Green eyeshadow completes spring, summer and fall looks, so it’s a perfect transition look for your eyes as we head into our three most prominent seasons. Opt for a dark green, smoky eye in fall and winter, and a vibrant green eyeshadow look for spring and summer. It’s fun, yet bold, and best of all green eyeshadow looks great on dark and light skin tones. We’ve got the  perfect green eyeshadow tutorial for dark skin with our makeup expert. Ohemaa loves to push the boundaries of color, and challenge what colors are deemed acceptable for darker skin tones. She’s a color lover, and loves Juvia’s Place since we always bring the color!

green eyeshadow looks

Before we dive into this dramatic and complimentary green eyeshadow look, we must first create an even tone on the surface of our eyelids and surrounding skin.

  1. Prep your surface by placing concealer over your eyelids. Make sure the concealer does not extend up past your bottom eyebrow line. Blend the concealer beyond the eye toward the ear.  Form a racoon eye-mask shape around the eyes, but continue to stay under the eyebrow line. This allows for an extended even coverage. 
  2. Then apply an eyeshadow base or white to the eyelid. Don’t extend past your eyelid crease. 
  3. Next apply your transition shade. Your transition shade should be applied to only the top part of your eyelid - from your crease to the eyebrow line. The eyeshadow color “Ashanti” from Juvia’s Place’s “The Tribe” palette makes a great transition shade for light to dark skin tones.
  4. Apply your green eyeshadow into the crease of your lid. Blend it out in a circular motion across the lid almost to the brow line (leave some of your transition shadow visible underneath the eyebrow as a highlighter). Be sure to wing the green eyeshadow out past the side of the eye. The shade “San” from “The Tribe” palette is the best green eyeshadow powder for this look.
  5. Blend the edges of your green eyeshadow with your transition shade. 
  6. Apply a light, almost white eyeshadow over the top of your eyelid only. The trick is to cover the green eyeshadow, but still leave the outer edges of the green shadow visible under the brow line and winging out to the side of your eye. 
  7. Add your transition shade from the middle of the eyelid to the corner, all while keeping it underneath your crease. 
  8. Finalize the look by applying a bright complimentary color such as “Masai” from our “The Tribe” palette on the inner part of your eyelid underneath the crease.
  9. Blend your transition and complimentary eyelid shades with a new transition color. Gently tap the transition on the line where the two shades meet. “Tutsi” from The Tribe eyeshadow palette is a great transition shade for the Masai and Ashanti eyeshadow colors. 
  10. Go back in with your green eyeshadow, and gently blend the color into the eyelid, covering some of the transition shade. 
  11. Add your green eyeshadow to the bottom eyelid to make your lower eyelids pop.

green eyeshadow looks

After you’ve completed your green eyeshadow look, apply your foundation. Use the Foundation Shade Finder tool to find the perfect foundation shade for your skin. Next apply some concealer underneath your eyes, your nose bridge, above and below the mouth, and the center of the forehead and blend it together.

Finish your look off with contour, blush and highlighter. Juvia’s Place offers blush and highlighters perfect for dark skin tones. 

Get the green eyeshadow look with Juvia’s Place’s eyeshadow palettes. Both palettes offer two different shades of green plus highlight colors that will make creating your green eyeshadow look easy. 

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