Masked Beauty: Face Mask Makeup Tips

face mask makeup routine

Coronavirus has been no good for glam. With face coverings still a requirement for entering into shared spaces, many are not sure what to do about makeup. Why wear makeup when half your face is covered? Well, we say, why not wear makeup because half your face is still exposed. We are the “glass is half full” kind of people. And without the benefit of your beautiful smile and mouth creases that form your expressions, focusing on the parts of your face that are still exposed is the best way to share your beauty and personality. 

face mask makeup tutorial

Your eyes are now, 100% the focus. Your eyes must be allowed to accurately express your soul. Experiment by adding pops of color to your eyeshadow look. Bright pinks, blues and greens look good on all complexions and add to highlight all eye colors. Some may see those colors as too vibrant, but don’t be afraid of color. Color adds friendliness to the eyes which will make up for the smile that is now hidden behind your mask. But if you are steadfast against color, go for a more neutral eyeshadow look for browns and yellow eyeshadow colors.

Start with a foundation base to even out your eyelid skin color. Then begin layering on that colorful eye shadow. Pro tip: colors should fade out not in, meaning as your shadow wings out of your eyelid it will become darker and more pronounced. Juvia’s Place offers eye shadow palettes for the most minimal or glammed out look for women of all complexions. 

Line up that eye with eyeliner. Eyeliner is the most subtle way to make your eyes pop. Wing it out from the exterior corners of your eyes to make your eyes look wider, more pronounced. Wider eyes have the added advantage of making you look more attentive when interacting with people. And don’t feel limited to black eyeliner, brown and blue eyeliner colors are  becoming more popular. While brown eyeliner is typically more subtle than black and looks great for a minimal or neutral eye shadow look like The Nudes, The Nomad, The Nubian 3 Coral or The Warrior palette, blue eyeliner can really enhance blue eyes. 

Make sure to enhance that eye coverage with a dark, thick brow. Whether you microblade or custom shade, utilize a dark color to make your eyebrow look thick and full. You can utilize a dark color from your eye shadow palette to fill in those sparse places in your brow and make it look more defined. Highlight the brow with a line of cream, or another light color, underneath the eyebrow.

eyeshadow for face masks

False eyelashes, unless you’re blessed with long, thick natural lashes, are the icing on the cake for your masked eye look. Those long falsies add a flirtatious feel and beautiful confidence to your eye. A long eyelash lures people into your eye, almost like the waving palms of a tree or the bouncing wings of bird. Long eyelashes are clickbait, and your eyes are the story. If you are adverse to falsies, just be greedy with the mascara. Apply at least three layers of mascara to allow for maximum definition. 

Don’t forget about your skin. Granted only about half your face’s skin is exposed underneath that mask, but that half needs to look great. A thin layer of foundation is all you need to ensure fine lines are less pronounced and any unevenness around your eyes doesn’t compete with your eye makeup for attention. 

Your cheeks may or may not be visible, depending on your mask and cheekbones. But when applying a blush, we often start at our temple which is definitely visible and helps to create a smile even when your mouth is covered. As your cheeks raise, your blush will help highlight that muscle, making your expression more clear. 

Instead of seeing a face mask as a detractor from beauty, use it as an incentive to define and highlight the visible parts of your beautiful face. And remember to Join the Tribe on Instagram @JuviasPlace for makeup tips and ideas.