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Introducing Our New Nude, Mini Eyeshadow Palette Collection

We are excited to Introduce our new line of nude mini eyeshadow palettes: The Mauves, The Taupes and The Sweet Pinks.  These are the best nude eyeshadow palettes, perfect for every skin tone from fair to dark. No longer will those beauties with deeper skin tones have to struggle with nude eyeshadow shades that won’t show up through that beautiful, deep skin tone. 

mini eyeshadow palettes

The Mauves mini eyeshadow palette contains some of our most popular shades. This nude palette contains shades in browns to pinkish-mauve hues, and is a must-have for your everyday makeup routine. The small-size makes it easy to take on the go. But no reapplication is typically needed, since our product is made to last all day. The nude pink eyeshadow shades in this nude palette pair well with pink, gold, silver, blue and yellow colored outfits. The mauvy, purple confections are the perfect compliment to those colors.

mini eyeshadow palettes

Our next must-have nude eyeshadow palette is The Taupes. The Taupes is the perfect nude palette when you want a classic look. It contains nudes, deep browns, goldtones and shimmery-taupe eyeshadow pigments. The Taupes mini eyeshadow palette will look great paired with bright white clothing on deep skin tones. The Taupes will add just the right amount of highlight without distracting from the opposing colors between your fit and skin. On fair skin, The Taupes pairs well with nude or dark color outfits. 

mini eyeshadow palettes

And last but not least, we bring you The Sweet Pinks-- the perfect nude eyeshadow palette featuring iconic shades of pink. This is truly a sweet, nude palette featuring soft to bright, shimmering pink to pinkish-purplish hues. This nude palette pairs well with blue, gray, silver, and black clothing without distracting from your outfit. 

Be sure to try our new mini, nude eyeshadow palette collection. It is a sure must-have.