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How to Pick Your Foundation Shade Online


foundation shade finder

Makeup artists are trained to spot subtle variations in skin color to select the correct foundation for you. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a makeup artist in our back pocket, and we’ve got to pick the right foundation shade by ourselves. The task of selecting the right foundation can seem even more complex online. The same shade of foundation can look different on every device’s screen. The way it’s photographed could also make foundations look differently on your device then how it appears in person. That’s why Juvia’s Place has come up with a simple, straight-forward Foundation Shade Finder to help women of all skin tones identify the perfect full coverage foundation. Juvia’s Place offers 42 unique skin foundation combinations to help all women find the perfect full coverage foundation. 

Every skin tone is unique and beautiful, subtle and intricate, and often varies from neck to cheek. Picking the correct foundation for your skin shade online can seem daunting, but it’s actually very easy and just requires a little self-examination into the unique color that expresses your epidermis, or your outer layer of skin. 

Before you utilize Juvia’s Place’s Foundation Shade Finder, you should first examine your undertone. Your undertone is actually the key to buying the right foundation shade for your skin color. Skin undertone is typically broken up into “cool,” “warm,” and “neutral.” At Juvia’s Place, we’ve added an extra undertone category- “olive.” These terms represent the colors that come through your skin and affect the overall hue or appearance of the skin. And these undertones can be presented in all skin colors, from the darkest to the fairest shades. “Cool” undertones have hints of bluish or pink. “Warm” undertones provide the skin with a yellow, peachy or golden appearance. Skin influenced by an “olive” undertone will have hints of green or gray, but they can also lean “cool” or “neutral.” “Neutral” provides no obvious undertones, but the skin’s natural color is more evident. 

How do I determine my skin’s undertone?

Pinning down your undertone can be accomplished in several ways. You actually want to look at an area of the skin that gets less sun exposure, and is therefore, likely to not have been damaged by the sun. The inside of your arm is one such area where the undertone of your skin is often easier to see. You can also take a look at your veins. Do they appear bluish or purplish? If so, you’re undertone is likely “cool.” Those with “greenish” veins, are likely “warm” toned. “Olive” undertones can show either greenish or bluish veins, but they can also be difficult to discern, just as with a “neutral” undertone.  

In addition, you may identify your undertone by examining how your skin behaves when exposed to the sun, and how certain colors look on you. People with “cool” undertones will often look best in silver, rather than gold, jewelry. Their skin rarely tans, but can burn easily. They also look good in blue, pink and red colors. Those with “warm” undertones look best in gold jewelry, and look best in gold, yellow and peach colors. “Olive” undertones look best in bronze and gunmetal, and their skin will typically tan easily and rarely burn. Those with “neutral” undertones have the privilege of looking great in both gold and silver jewelry, and look best in blue or green colors.

How do I find the right foundation for my skin?

Now that you’ve pinned down your undertone, it’s time to identify the correct foundation shade. Juvia’s Place makes finding a shade foundation online easy with our Foundation Shade Finder tool

  1. Just pick your Shade Kingdom: Dark, Tan, Medium or Light.
  2. Next, select the adjective that describes your skin tone. These options vary per Shade Kingdom. 
  3. Last, select your undertone in the Foundation Shade Finder tool.  (Cool, Warm, Olive or Neutral). The undertone options can actually vary based on your Shade Kingdom selection. There is a descriptive reminder to help you select the correct undertone. 

That’s it! Our Foundation Shade Finder tool will return the perfect full coverage foundation shade for you. Juvia’s Place prides itself on being an inclusive brand. Our unique “I Am Magic Velvety Matte Foundation” comes in 42 unique shades, scientifically-formulated to match all skin colors. We’ve helped thousands of women find the perfect full coverage foundation. We also offer expertly-formulated concealers, easy to apply shade sticks, highlighters and blush that look beautiful on the darkest to the lightest skin tones.