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How to Make Red Eyeshadow Look Great

red eyeshadow look

“Red” is just one of those colors that looks great on lips, but is almost unimaginable anywhere else on the face. Well, believe it or not, red eyeshadow can look great as a full pop of color on the eye, or as a smokey eye. A red eyeshadow look is a bold choice, it’s a statement, not well complimented with other bright colors. So keep the rest of your look minimal-- shy away from bold lips and cheeks when wearing red eyeshadow.

Find the Right “Red” Eyeshadow Tone for Your Skin

When we think of red, we think of “love/heart red” or “traffic light red.” But red is a spectrum, a house with many cards. There are light reds, burgundy reds, and primary reds. Fair skin pairs nicely with rusty-reds, or reds with an orangish tint to them like those found in The Magic Eyeshadow Palette. Medium skin beauties can rock primary red colors such as those found in The Magic and The Masquerade eyeshadow palettes. Those gorgeous deeper-skin tones look great in a burgundy or eggplant shade of red such as those red shades found in The Masquerade eyeshadow palette.

Smokey to the Rescue

If a direct pop of red is too bold, smoke it out for a little more subtly. A smokey eye is great for darker shades such as red eyeshadow. Apply your red eyeshadow to the inner half of the lid, and then blend it out with a black shade. This gives definition to your eye without allowing the red eyeshadow color to overshadow the natural beauty of the eye.

Okay, How About the Crease

If you are still a little red-shy, apply your red eyeshadow to just the crease of your eye. And then opt for a matte brown or shimmering-pink eyeshadow as your base. This allows you to dip your toes in without getting completely swept up in a pool of red!

Highlight Red, Right!

A black eyeliner is too dark and stark for your red eyeshadow. Instead opt for an eyeliner color with a plum undertone instead. This will help add definition to your red eyeshadow look without distracting from it. 

Red on Red Equals, ‘No!”

Matching your eyeshadow to your clothing is usually a “no-no.” It’s no different with red eyeshadow. Red eyeshadow with red clothing is just too much red. Red eyeshadow looks great with pink or nude-colored clothing. 

The same rule would typically apply to lipstick, but monochromatic makeup looks are in now. If the monochromatic makeup look is not your speed and you desperately want that red lip, opt for a complimentary color on the eyes such as gold, bronze or blue. If you prefer the red eyeshadow look, pair it with a burgundy or nude lip. 

Red eyeshadow is not the easiest of shades to wear, but those that can truly master a red eyeshadow look are at the top of their game.