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How to Make Blue Eyeshadow Look Great

There was a time when colorful eyeshadows were a no-no. Eyeshadows needed to look natural and muted against the skin. We are so glad we don’t live in that time! Eyeshadows should be vibrant and colorful, and blue eyeshadow is actually the perfect color to accentuate both brown and blue eyes, and fair and dark skin. Blue eyeshadow can look great on everybody, and should be approached with excitement rather than trepidation. There are some many different hues of blue eyeshadows to choose from that will either cool down or warm up your overall appearance.

Eye Color versus Blue Eyeshadow

The answer is ‘yes!’ Yes, blue-eyed folks can wear blue eyeshadow. Don’t worry about it being matchy-matchy. Blue eyeshadow can actually amplify blue eyes making them look more striking. Select a matching cool tone, such as a frosty blue or turquoise, to intensify those blues. Juvia’s Place offers a variety of blue eyeshadow shades to choose from, and the Warrior 3 and the Festival eyeshadow palettes offer frosty and turquoise blue shades. 

Warrior 3 Palette

The Festival Eyeshadow PaletteBrown eyes are also well-suited for blue eyeshadow. In fact, blue eye makeup is one of the best hues for brown eyes. A vibrant, electric blue shade will make brown eyes pop. Blue eyeshadow colors also add a sense of confidence to brown eyes. It forces others to look directly in your eye. Blue eyeshadow says, I want you to see me. The Afrique eyeshadow palette offers the perfect electric blue shade for those browns. 

The Afrique Eyeshadow PaletteRoyal blue eyeshadow colors look great with green eyes. Because of its intensity a royal blue eyeshadow does well when paired with a soft green eye color. The darker blue eyeshadow colors offered in the Masquerade eyeshadow palette will work beautifully with greens.

The Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

Skin Shade versus Blue Eyeshadow

When it comes to skin tone, blue eyeshadow seems like a riskier choice. Some believe that dark-skinned people can’t wear bright eyeshadows like blue because the shade is too stark against a deep skin tone. Others believe that blue eyeshadow mutes fair skinned people. Well aren’t we glad that neither assertion is true. Blue eyeshadow works well with all skin tones, it’s just about finding the right shade of blue that looks spectacular against the backdrop of your beautiful skin. 

Fair skin people should stay away from soft blues, they are too close to your skin tone. Your fair skin doesn’t restrict you to more muted tones. Opt for a cool or turquoise blue eyeshadow that can really pop. Medium and darker-skinned people should search for a blue eyeshadow that is electric, that is truly vivid against deeper skin. 

Clothing versus Blue Eyeshadow

The answer is ‘no!’ You don’t have to be wearing blue clothing to pull off blue eyeshadow. Royal blue eyeshadow tones look great with green, yellow, gold, hot pink, and even ivory or white clothing. Electric blues pair well with silver, hot pink, orange, red orange, coral, and white. Cool blue tones and turquoise colors accentuate cool clothing colors such as white, silver, but also look great paired with warmer fabric colors such as yellow. 

How to Apply Blue Eyeshadow

After you prep your eyelids with a concealer, select a shade of blue eyeshadow as your transition shade. Choose a blue darker than the blue eyeshadow that will take center stage on your eyelid. Pat the shade on and then blend it out within and around the crease of the eyelid. Also apply just a bit below the lower lash line. 

Follow that with a lighter blue shade to highlight the top of the transition shade. This blue eyeshadow shade should be darker than your main shade, but lighter than the transition shade. Blend the highlighter shade with the top of the transition shade, and stop applying the highlighter shade just below the eyebrow line. 

Next add depth with a blue eyeshadow darker or richer in tone than the transition shade. Blend it right over your transition shade in the crease of your eyelid. Make sure to also apply this shade underneath the lower lash line. Your blue eyeshadow look is complete, but why stop here. Let’s go ahead and cut the crease for just a little bit more drama!

Apply a white eyeshadow over your transition and depth shades from the crease down to the top of your eyelashes. This creates a blank canvas from which to build an even more  dramatic blue eyeshadow look. In the outer corner of your cut crease blend in the transition shade. In the inner corner of your cut crease apply the highlighter blue eyeshadow shade and pat it up to the top, and over to the top of the middle of the cut crease area. 

In the center of your cut crease, between the highlighter and transition shades, blend in your target blue eyeshadow. This blue will take center stage in the center of your eyelid, and aid in the transition from highlighter to the transition shades.