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How To Create the Perfect Fall Makeup Look

When we think of fall, we think leaves, pumpkin spice, earth tones, blankets, fireplace, hot cocoa, family time, among many other things. But how do we reflect this in our fall makeup? Do we use the same makeup routine from the summer? Do we use the same palette from last year? We are sure you must have a routine set in place, but we think that with these palettes, you will definitely enjoy creating that fall makeup look and getting ready in the morning, even if it’s just to have your routine coffee in the living room. 

These are some palettes we have been excited about sharing: 

  • The Nubian Glow Palette - This palette has a perfect mix of fall colors, reminds us of the fall leaf colors in early November. The bonus? There are three beautiful shimmer shades included in this palette for a fun fall eyeshadow look. A good way to use this palette could be either casual or for the intimate formal family dinner. Think gold glamour goddess. Make sure to share your looks with us! Tag Juvia’s Place on IG and use hashtag #JuviasPlaceNubianGlow.

  • The Nubian Royal Palette - This palette, although does not immediately reflect a fall palette, gives a vibrant fun look to what could be a fall eyeshadow look. Think Cleopatra or Beyonce are coming over for the holidays! Make sure to tag Juvia’s Place on Instagram and use hashtag #JuviasNubianRoyalPalette.

Although extremely different, these palettes can be really fun to play with! 

The pointers we want to share to getting the perfect fall makeup look are the following: 

First: Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! We harp about this in almost every blog post, but with fall already here, your skin will get dry and flaky if you don’t moisturize. If you want your makeup to sit right, make sure to take care of the skin underneath. Following a good moisturizer, add your preferred primer and we should be ready to go! 

Second: Consider adding an eyelid primer all over your eyelid. This will help to set the eyeshadow on your eyelid. If you don’t have an eyelid primer, simply try a cream based eyeshadow as a foundation. 

Third: Add your first eyeshadow (start off with the lighter shade), on top of the eyelid and softly on the crease of your eye. Then grab a darker shade and apply to the crease area, layering as much as you want to get the look you desire. 

Fourth: Choosing the glitter shade of your choice, wet your brush a little bit and dab onto your eyelid as desired to get the glimmer look you want. 

Fifth: Now go and add a darker color to your crease and blend, blend, blend! 

Sixth: On both the lower and upper eyelid, add some eyeliner. Follow this by adding a light brown eyeshadow color to the bottom of the eyelashes. This will give you a deep, exotic look. 

These are basic tips, with so much room for creativity -- have fun with it! We want to see how you play dress up this fall and holiday season, whether indoors or outdoors. Show us what you got! 

Happy Fall!