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How to Recreate Daytime, Nighttime Smokey and Holiday Sparkly Eyeshadow Looks

Eyeshadow is a must-have makeup product that instantly adds color, dimension, and interest to the eyes. You can have so much fun learning different eyeshadow tutorials and simple eyeshadow looks that will bring out the best in your eyes. The eyeshadow palette is beauty’s artist’s palette, and there is no limit to what you can get from these cosmetic “paints.”

That being said, there are a few tried-and-true, classic eyeshadow looks that you should have down pat. Once you learn them, you can change up the colors, finishes, and more to create several other beauty looks. These include a timeless everyday eyeshadow look, a smokey eye that’s perfect for a night out, and a sparkly eyeshadow look that will help you shine during the holidays. We definitely want you to shine, so we are sharing how to create these three in an easy-to-follow eyeshadow tutorial. 

Daytime Eyeshadow Look

The first eyeshadow look most people will learn is a classic, everyday one. It gives a bit of color and interest, but is perfect for daytime and work environments. This simple eyeshadow look is basically your eyes, but better. 

The first step is to sweep a neutral eyeshadow, in a hue that is nude for you, over the entire eye. With all eyeshadow looks, you can start with eyeshadow primer to ensure your look stays put all day long. After applying the nude eyeshadow, you’ll want to apply a darker shade, usually in a shade of brown, in the crease of the eye, for depth. The lightest eyeshadow you will use, often a color like white or beige, will highlight the brow bone area, the inner corners of the eyes, and the lower lid should you want that area to have added shine. A shimmer eyeshadow in these places will create a highlighter effect in this easy-to-copy, everyday look. (Our The Chocolates, The Nudes, and The Taupes are perfect eyeshadow palettes for this look, and others.)

Nighttime Smokey Eyeshadow Look

After you’ve gotten down the everyday eyeshadow look, you’ll want to learn how to create a timeless, dramatic, smokey eye look. This can be as subtle or intense as you want it to be; you can rock a softer smokey eye during the day, and amplify the darkness for night. 

To create a fabulous smokey eye, you will need three tones of eyeshadow. You’ll want to start with a neutral, midtone color all over the eyelid, as you did with the daytime eye. Then, line the eye with a pencil or gel liner. Using the darkest color, which can be anything from black or brown, to grey, to plum, you will smudge from the eyeline up. The lightest eyeshadow will be used to highlight the brow bone; you can also use this color to add pop to the inner corners of the eye. (Have fun using palettes including  The Warrior II, The Violets, The Berries, and  The Masquerade to create various smokey-eye looks.)

Holiday Sparkly Eyeshadow Look

Our final must-know eyeshadow look you should know how to pull off is the sparkly holiday eyeshadow one. A touch of shimmer on the eyes will take any makeup look into celebration mode, and is perfect for year-end festivities. 

You can easily take the daytime eyeshadow look into party time, by adding a shimmery, sparkly, and/or glittery eyeshadow to the lower lid area. For a smokey eye, you can do the same, or just add the shine to the inner portion of the lower lid to let the smokey look add drama to the outer part of the lower lid. Gold and silver are perfect options for holiday eyeshadow hues, but you can find shimmery/sparkly eyeshadow in a variety of gorgeous colors. (Some of our palettes that contain shimmery, and/or sparkly eyeshadows include The Nubian Glow PaletteThe Taupes, The Saharan, and The Nubian Royal Palette.)

Now, you have learned three essential eyeshadow looks to enhance your eyes, and create various makeup looks. The options are truly endless, especially when you have quality eyeshadows with pigments that will truly deliver on the cosmetic artistry you had in mind.