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How A Makeup Routine Can Positively Affect Mental Health

You read that right. We all do it or have done it at some point in our lives. We spend a handful of time in front of the mirror, obsessing over our facial features, our acne scars, our pimples, and [insert any other imperfection]. Has there ever been a time when you felt down, applied makeup and instantly felt ready to take on the world? That’s what we want to address in this blog. The reasons why makeup can have a positive affect on your emotional well-being and self esteem. We know some, if not most, see makeup as being something superficial but the truth is that although it may seem vain, it can help address many mental health issues. 

In addition to helping one feel better about themselves, a makeup routine can provide a creative, fun and expressive outlet that can uplift you during hard times. For years, women and men have been exploring their creative side by using makeup as a way of self expression. It is no secret that makeup can really make one person go from looking like a zombie to alive and well. Look at the examples here of how makeup has really significantly altered the looks of some people.

Here are some reasons why a makeup routine can positively affect your mental health. 

  • Take control over your day
  • By starting your day off with makeup, you are creating a natural mood booster. If you struggle with skin care conditions or self esteem issues, makeup can temporarily cover those imperfections and add a real boost to your self image.

  • Treat yourself 
  • Putting on makeup can be a good way to be kind and treat yourself. Whether you apply a little bit of concealer, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner or lip gloss, these things can uplift your spirits. 

  • Use your creative muscle
  • Applying makeup to your face is a form of artistic expression. Everything from researching the right products, to your ideal makeup look, to the process in which you apply makeup, the brush, the colors, the application of eyeliner, the application of bronzer, and the list can go on! We believe the ultimate fun comes in applying eyeshadow. Imagine the look you can create when you spend some time really blending the colors together! 

    We do want to call out that although makeup can help boost your self-esteem, we also believe in natural beauty and acceptance of self regardless of perfect imperfections. 

    Now - go put on some makeup if you feel inclined and treat yourself to a day of YOU. You deserve it.