3 Date Night Makeup Looks

Dating is not what it used to be pre-COVID - obviously. I mean how are we supposed to kiss from 6 feet away?! Dating apps and restaurants are doing everything they can to ensure we can continue on with our dating life - which is great. With restrictions lifting to outside dining, dating is returning back to some semblance of normalcy. Here are some simple makeup looks that you can try for your next hot date night. 

date night look

The Natural Look 

This look can consist of all things natural. Natural eyeshadow and natural lip color. In layering The Nudes eyeshadow palette, you create a simple, clean and natural look. Starting with a light color on the lid you follow up with blending a darker nude on the crease. If you have deep, dark beautiful skin, opt in for that nude lip color. It will give you a subtle yet trendy look. If your skin is light, fair and radiant, consider adding a darker nude to give you a little pop! This creates a simple makeup look for your date night. 

 date night look

The Glam Look

This look goes for the sparkle and shimmer - assuming you are going to be wined and dined -- maybe it’s the second date? 

For an easy date night makeup look that resembles glam, try The Warrior eyeshadow palette. These colors do a good job of layering in a great blend of glam. At the base, start with solid colors, layering in darker colors at the crease and topping with the shimmer eyeshadow. Once this is complete, make sure to add a thin or thick line of eyeliner to give it an exotic look. For those with a darker complexion, jump in with a medium tone base and gradually blend in darker shades as you desire. For those with a lighter complexion, consider starting with a creamy base and adding color to the blend as you feel comfortable, this way you can gradually ease into a bold or soft glam eyeshadow look. 

If you are feeling extra brave, pair with your favorite red or mauve lip color from the Juvia’s Place lip collection.   

date night looks

The Fun Look

If you are going on a date where you both are down to attend a virtual concert, this is the look for you! 

Have you seen the The Zulu eyeshadow palette? Full of bright and exotic colors. It has blue, yellow, green, red and 5 other colors to play with! You can wear these colors in the following ways:

Blue eyeshadow: This color is a very optimistic color, we believe it can instantly brighten your spirits. Consider going with a blue eyeshadow when you want to go for a dash of brightness and futuristic effect. This color goes well with nudes, creams, and orange. I know, random - but this is the complementary color on the color wheel. Try it! 

Yellow eyeshadow: Contrary to popular belief, yellow is flattering for everyone. It goes well with any skin tone and can be really fun. You don’t have to apply to your entire eyelid either, you can add a dash of yellow on the inner side of the eyelid. 

This color goes well with purples and reds. Consider a plum or red lip color? 

Red eyeshadow: This look does not need to be intimidating, there are simple ways to make this look work for you. You could add a hint of red or add to your entire lid, depending on the event and look you are going for. This color goes well with greens. Though we aren’t going for the Christmas look - unless you love Christmas - pair this color with a shimmer eyeshadow and a nude or mauve lip color. 

See the video here for a quick tutorial on how to make this fun look work for you. 

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