The Nubian 2

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The Nubian 2
The Nubian 2
The Nubian 2
The Nubian 2
The Nubian 2
The Nubian 2
The Nubian 2
The Nubian 2

The OG beauty icon and Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, inspired our Nubian 2 eyeshadow palette. Featuring 12 emboldened shades of high-pigment, long-wear color, you'll unlock an entirely new world of statement-making eyeshadow looks that will make you feel like a queen, too.

The Nubian 2 Eye Shadow Palette features 4 Matte colors and 8 Metallic colors, and features pans that are double the size of our original Nubian Palette. This is a paraben-free, cruelty-free product and is not tested on animals.

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Cleopatra is a shimmer royal blue

Nefertiti is a shimmer 18k gold

Nairobi is a metallic yellow gold

Leyla is a shimmer royal eggplant

Kenya is a matte chocolate brown

Egypt is a metallic royal green

Morocco is a matte dark orange

Madagascar is a matte beige

Sheba is a metallic Fawn

Yaa is a metallic auburn

Jezebel is a matte maroon

Zuri is a shimmer ivory

"Very nice well pigmented eyeshadow palette. Love the colourful shades"


"This palette is just wonderful. The colors are beautiful ❤️. You can use them to create all types of looks. Very nice 👍🏾"


"Stunning colours and easy to blend out, definitely recommend"


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