Counterfeit Products

What is a Counterfeit Product?

Counterfeit products are any products that have been illegally reproduced to appear authentic, with the sole intent of deceiving buyers into purchasing an inferior product.
For Juvia’s Place cosmetics in particular, counterfeit products lack the superior quality and ingredients that ensure your safety, as well as product stability, preservation and effectiveness.

How We Stand Against Counterfeiting

Juvia’s Place is proud of its extensive line of rich, vibrant and highly pigmented palettes. When we encounter inferior copies of our products, online or in stores, we actively pursue the individuals responsible for the production, distribution and sale of these imitated cosmetics. Doing so, we protect the safety of Juvia’s Place customers, and ensure you receive cosmetic products of the finest quality.

Why Authentic Juvia’s Place Cosmetics Matter

As a producer of high quality, cruelty-free, and carefully tested cosmetics, Juvia’s Place has made it our mission to provide our customers with products that are safe, affordable and set a new standard for cosmetic excellence.
While counterfeit Juvia’s Place cosmetics may appear to have these same characteristics, they are not subjected to the same standards of quality, safety and reliability as our authentic products.

Where to Find Official Juvia’s Place Products

The Official Juvia’s Place website is the primary seller of Juvia's Place cosmetics, but we also maintain a list of distributors and resellers that are authorized to sell our cosmetics to our customers. Full list of our authorized retailers can be viewed here.

Due to the popularity of Juvia’s Place cosmetics, our products typically sell out quickly. However, we do our best to keep supplies in stock and to ensure you’ll always have access to our superior line of cosmetics.
By joining our email list, we can notify you when new products are being introduced, and when your favorite palettes are back in stock.

Authorized Distributors & Resellers

While we’re unable to list all of the unauthorized distributors and resellers currently selling counterfeit Juvia’s Place products, we recommend avoiding any websites or retailers not listed above. This also includes any products being described as “inspired by”, “just as good as”, or “in the spirit of” Juvia’s Place cosmetics.

Report Counterfeits

We always appreciate the help of our customers in locating and reporting counterfeit Juvia’s Place products. If you have come across cosmetics that appear to be fake Juvia’s Place products, please contact our customer service team
In your email, please provide the following information to help us take action against the producer or distributor of these counterfeit cosmetics:

  • Name, physical location and/or website
  • Product or products being sold
  • Any other details on packaging, ingredients and overall product quality