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Tips for the Perfect Holiday Look

Can you believe this year is almost over? We can’t either, so let’s make the most of it and send it off with the perfect New Years’ Eve makeup look. 

We know that there are still gathering restrictions for travel, events and holidays but we are hopeful that we can keep spirits uplifted with these Christmas eye makeup and New Years Eve makeup tips. 

For starters, always remember to moisturize and prime your face, we tend to be more dehydrated during the colder months. Blend and set at the end of applying all makeup. 

Tip 1: Add concealer above and below your brow to give yourself a cleaner look. Plus it helps with blending out the foundation around your eyebrow. 

Tip 2: No matter what look you are going for, make sure to prime your eyelids. This helps to reduce the likelihood of creasing and lines. 

Tip 3: Add neutral eyeshadow colors to the crease of  your eyelids to provide a foundation to layer other colors. 

Tip 4: Blend! Always blend your eyelid crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, after applying different colors, so that the look is flawless. 

Tip 5: Tap and/or Dab! When you go in to add that “pop” of eyeshadow color, make sure you are tapping or dabbing the eyeshadow color, so that it does not smear with the rest of the colors on the eyelid. 

Tip 6: Beauty blender! This little sponge is the lifesaver of all blending. Whether it be your contouring, your concealer, your foundation -- this blender is a miracle worker. Make sure that you dampen the beauty blender before applying, otherwise it will soak up all the makeup. 

Tip 7: Prevent creases under your eye! Blend in that area and go in with your setting powder right away. You can dab this on the back of your hand and use a damp cosmetic sponge to press this under your eyes. (**This also prevents flash back from taking any photos!) 

Tip 8: Adding eyeshadow on lower lash line creates depth to your holiday makeup look. 

Tip 9: Setting spray! Make sure to add setting spray, especially if you are running around or out all day. This also can help to create a natural glow. You don’t want to be dry, especially with cold weather. 

Tip 10: Add highlighter. Add to the end of the brow bone, just underneath your eyebrow. Then add to the top of your cheekbones. 

Tip 11: Lips. Try not use liquid lipsticks, especially if you are eating foods that contain oil in them. The lipstick will start to crumble or fade off. If you know you are going to eat, use a traditional lipstick, something with a satin finish. To avoid any dryness and cracking, put on lip balm before applying the lipstick color of your choice. 

We hope you have found these major tips helpful. They are important to keep in mind when applying makeup for your favorite Christmas eye makeup, New Years eve makeup, or your idea of a holiday makeup look.