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Powder Foundation and How to Apply It Perfectly


Powder foundation enhances the face with a light-as-air finish. It is at the other end of the spectrum from liquid, cream, and stick foundations that offer more moisture and a thicker formulation. But powder foundation has it’s own fabulous benefits, tools, and method of application. We want you to know everything important there is to know about powder foundation, so that you can reach for it without any mystery. Here’s everything you need to know. 


What is Powder Foundation?


Powder foundation is a beauty product created to cover imperfections on the face and create an even and flawless foundation for makeup looks. Pressed powder is usually packed into a compact, while loose powder will come in a jar (which makes it a bit more messy!). Loose powder foundation (which includes mineral foundation) is finely milled, and will offer the sheerest, most natural coverage, while pressed powder is thicker, heavier, and contains more pigment. This makes pressed powder foundation great for those wanting more coverage on the face and neck. As with many other beauty products, it’s all about preference, and what your particular skin needs. 

What Are the Benefits of Powder Foundation?

Powder foundation is much lighter than liquid or cream foundation, meaning it will have a thinner, less-heavy feel on the face. This will let your own skin shine through, and makes for a more natural look. Since it is dry, powder foundation is also a good choice for those with oily skin, and/or acne-prone skin as it will absorb extra oil (it is also beneficial for sensitive skin). Another benefit is that in hot weather, a powder foundation will stay put more than its creamier counterparts. 

On the flip side, due to its dry consistency, powder foundation is not the best fit for dry skin. It will tend to settle in fine lines and enhance flaky parts of the skin. A liquid or cream foundation will provide the added moisture that dry skin needs. Combination skin can benefit from adding powder foundation to the oilier part of the skin, and a liquid or cream foundation to the drier parts. 

The Tools You’ll Need to Apply Powder Foundation Flawlessly

Most powder foundations will come in a compact, with many containing a powder puff or sponge for application. You can also buy a separate sponge, powder puff, or brush (such as a Kabuki brush) to apply powder foundation with. 

How to Apply Powder Foundation

Now that you know all about powder foundation, whether it’s a good fit for your skin type, and what tools you’ll need to use, it’s time to learn about application. You may want to start with a primer to create a matte base to work with, and to ensure that your foundation lasts even longer. Make sure your primer is fully dry before applying your powder foundation. Then, place concealer on any spots that you want to camouflage. Now you’re ready for foundation. 

Press and swirl your foundation brush, powder puff, or sponge into your powder foundation (if using a sponge, you can apply powder foundation with either a dry or damp sponge). Tap off any excess powder before applying. Then, start by sweeping the foundation along the T-zone area, and then the rest of the face and neck. Blend well, so there is no obvious difference between your skin and the powder foundation. 

You can also use a powder foundation to help set another type of foundation, such as liquid or cream. Just be sure to not go too heavy with unnecessary extra layers! You can finish the look with a setting spray, for more insurance on long-lasting wear, and you’re set.