How To Support Black People All Year Round

How To Support Black People All Year Round

February is Black History Month. Several organizations and schools raise awareness about the important contributions made by Black people to this country; however, this is not an ongoing part of our culture.

We need to change the way we think about Black History Month. It does not need to end on March 1st, but something that needs to happen all 365 days of the year.

You might feel like you can’t do anything about it, but you should know there are small things you can do every day to show your support for the Black community.

So for a quick refresher, here is our guide on supporting Black people all year round!

Buy from Black-owned businesses

Black-owned businesses are often overlooked, affecting their success rate. So an excellent way to support black people is to patronize their businesses. If you’re looking for a directory of Black companies to shop from, go to

Continue educating yourself about Black history

To support Black people, first, you must educate yourself on the history of the Black people and racial injustices they have suffered and unfortunately continue to suffer. Some ways to be a better ally are reading Black literature, visiting African American museums, reading Black publications, and The Root and 1619 Project.

Be a voice and a non-performative ally of Black people

In societies that are predominantly Caucasian, Black people have historically been at a disadvantage and suffer the ails of institutional racism. To be a true ally for Black people all year round, you have to lend a voice to their struggles and become politically involved, such as signing petitions and attending local events.

Don’t just sit back; Black Lives Matter stickers won’t cut it; you have to actively want to make life better for Black people and do what is in your power to help them. Another way to be an ally is to add black people to your network to help them get their feet into doors they won't ordinarily be allowed in.

Get involved with Black advocacy and awareness organizations

Since Black-owned businesses, nonprofits, and healthcare establishments are dedicated to serving the Black community, support them any way you can, whether by donating your time, services, or money.

Be willing to have a new perspective and unlearn

Having the right mindset is one of the most important ways to support Black people. Many aspects of Black history, including slavery, are masked It’s crucial to go beyond what was taught or glossed over at a young age, find the truth, dispel myths and unlearn damaging misinformation about Black people.

Lastly, capitalize the ‘B’ in Black; we are a people, not a color.

The bottom line is, If you think of something you can do to support black people twelve months of the year, we say do it!

Links to helpful Black resources

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