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How to Apply Lipstick Flawlessly

A woman’s love affair with makeup usually starts early in life. As a child, we are caught playing in the cosmetics collections of our mother, aunts, older sisters, and cousins. Probably the first thing we want to put on is a fun and vibrant shade of lipstick. We don’t care how it looks when we put it on, we just want it on. 

As we reach our teenage years, we want to start learning the techniques on how to seriously put on makeup, flipping through magazines and scouring blogs and websites for the best tips. Even as adults, we are revisiting the tried-and-true techniques, while learning any new ones that will give us that perfect pout. 

We want you to wear Juvia’s Place lipsticks with pride and style. And to know all the latest tips and how-tos on how to apply these lip colors flawlessly. So, we are sharing some essential tips and tricks on how to apply your lipstick like a makeup pro. 

Exfoliate and Hydrate

Before you even put on your favorite lipstick, you’ll want to make sure your lips are a prepped canvas. Even the best shade can look less than best if it’s applied on dry, flaky skin. You’ll want to exfoliate your pout no more than two times a week, with a lip scrub and soft toothbrush or your finger. Gently scrub the lips in a circular motion, rinse with water, and follow with an application of lip balm

Use Concealer or Foundation as a Primer

Concealer or foundation are other helpful tools for prepping your lips. Using either before lipstick will even out color, also toning down the pigment in the lips to create a neutral base (you can also use a lip primer for this). This ensures that your lipstick shade will look more true to what’s in the tube. Concealer or foundation also help your lipstick stay put, and, when paired with an overdrawn lip line, can instantly make your lips look fuller. 

Lip Liner is Your Friend

Think of lipstick as a pretty picture. A coordinating lip liner is the frame that will take that picture to the next level. These trusty pencils will add definition and dimension to your lips that you wouldn’t otherwise get from a lipstick alone, and can instantly change up not only the look of your lips, but that of whatever lipstick you wear it with. Lip liner can be applied before or after lipstick, or even as a lip shade on its own (top with gloss for some moisture and shine). If you fill your lips with liner before applying lipstick, it can help your shade to last longer. 

Apply Lipstick

Once you’ve applied your lip liner on the perimeters of your lips, it’s time to apply the lipstick. A lip brush can help you have more control over how much product is going on your lips, and where. It’s also a handy tool for blending colors and creating specific looks, like an ombre lip. But, of course, you can always apply your lipstick directly from the tube. Start at the center of your lips and work outward. A lined lip will serve as a guide, keeping you within the lines. 

Blot and Reapply

Another trick for keeping that fabulous shade on your lips for longer? Blot! Once you’ve applied your lipstick, blot your lips with a blotting paper, regular paper, tissue, or a paper towel to help remove excess product. This evens everything out, keeps lipstick off your teeth (pulling a clean finger out of pursed lips also helps), prevents lipstick from coming off in an unsightly ring shape, and preps your lips for another layer, so the color lasts. Apply that second swipe, and you’re set!