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    The Saharan Palette By Juvia's

    The Saharan Palette By Juvia's

    I love culture…

    All kinds of culture, we celebrate culture in all of its variety of joyful vibrancy . Being of West African descent with Fulani ancestry, I was inspired by their beautiful styles, cultures and ethnicity, and that gave birth to the Saharan collection.

    The Saharan Palette was specifically inspired by Gerewol Festivities, carried out by the Fulani People, in which the young men gather with their elaborate make-up, feathers and other adornments to perform celebratory dances and play music to impress the local single women.

    The Fulani people are very interesting, nomadic  people of North African and the Middle Eastern indigenes, who integrated with West African ethnic groups and later settled in a number of countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast to name a few.

    My inspiration spans from the elaborate face paintings of the festival goers to the cowrie shell hair accessories on a typical Fula long braided hair. I was strongly inspired by the use of henna for beauty and decorative purposes. A striking quality from this culture will be the use of very elaborate accessories made from silver coins, gold and amber which is passed down from generations. I was specifically drawn to the dark markings, facial and lip tattoos common among this group. Which in a twist of cultures, may be considered out of the norm to some, but yet a "thing of beauty" to the Fula people. All of these qualities are felt through out the Saharan eye shadow palette.

    In my mind, the Fulani girl is much like the Juvia's girl, free spirited, strong and independent. At Juvias’ place, we are attuned to the beauty needs of everyone including and especially people with deeper skin tones. Celebrating our diversity and reminding our customers that they can be effortlessly beautiful and confident without compromising their sense of self and expressing their individuality in all of its glory.

    With Love from Chichi and Jeremy 



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